JBuilder OpenTool for PMD

30 Sep 2005

I just released a new version of the PMD JBuilder OpenTool:

It includes an update to PMD 3.3 and a new "check all open files" option; thanks to Lori Olson for the suggestions.

There are a few other bugs which are fixed in CVS; unfortunately, it's kind of hard for me to test the fixes on JBuilder 2006 since I can't seem to download a free version of it from the Borland web site. Ah well. Lori's been testing the interim releases I've been doing, and all seems well, so I guess that'll do for now.

I can't decide whether writing OpenTools for JBuilder is easy or hard. The documentation is pretty good and the newgroups seem somewhat active, but Borland's CodeCentral site seems to have frequent problems, like this:

BdpException : There is already an active transaction. Multiple transactions are not supported.
Error Code: 500
URL: /Categories.aspx?catid=11
Server: USSVS-BDN2
Occured: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 08:01:48 GMT
Log ID: 8c3d1079-4b37-40e3-9e70-f7a0dc550ffd

Anyhow, props to Dave Craine, who wrote the original JBuilder plugin. He did a fine job and made it easy for me to maintain it.