RubyForge email statistics

28 May 2008

I came across the Lire log analysis tool yesterday and just had to run it on RubyForge's mail server (yay Postfix!) logs. Some notes:

  • A week of Postfix log files for RubyForge is 300 MB, so Lire took around an hour and a half (on a dual Xeon workstation) to process the log and create the reports.
  • RubyForge sent 111,000 messages during that week; this totalled 900 MB of data. Another 45,000 messages were either queued or were undeliverable, so the total number of messages handled in one way or another was 156,000.
  • The busiest day in terms of email count was May 23 with 31,000 emails sent.
  • The busiest day in terms of data volume was May 20 with 20,000 emails sent comprising 231 MB of data.

I'd post the entire report, but it's got a bunch of email addresses in it and I don't want to make those available to spammers - not that spammers can't figure them out anyway, but still.

This is more or less a stock Postfix install with just a few tweaks. I've got default_process_limit set to 500, the bounce_size_limit is 10K, and smtpd_client_connection_count_limit is set to 5. We've also got postgrey for greylisting - the verified_senders.db file is 251 MB! - and a few header and body checks. We run Mailman with 24 OutgoingRunners and 12 RetryRunners; all other runners are just singletons.

Things seem to be working fine, but if anyone has any suggestions on optimizing Postfix or Mailman, please pass them on to me, thanks!