Popular RubyForge themes

28 Sep 2006

Rich and I were talking about RubyForge themes and which ones were being used. Thus this query:

select t.fullname as "Theme", count(u.theme_id) as People 
from users u, themes t 
where u.theme_id = t.theme_id 
group by t.fullname 
order by People desc;

And the results:

OSX (default) 7784
GForge 990
Bruce William's theme 220
UltraLite 219

I'm suprised more folks aren't using at Bruce's theme; it's pretty nice. I suppose most folks just stick with the default theme, which is probably reasonable.

To try out the various themes, click on "My Account" link in the top right hand corner of any RubyForge page and select one of the themes from the dropdown box near the middle of the page. Enjoy!