PMD on Subversion, huzzah!

27 Jun 2007

After four years of working on PMD as a CVS project, we've finally taken the plunge and converted it over to Subversion. And my goodness, what a difference it makes. I've been doing a lot of test case consolidation work in the past day or two and have really noticed a change. Doing diffs is instantaneous, checkins seem faster or at least have better feedback, and I can actually remove a directory without having to remember to do checkouts with the "cvs co -dP" form. CVS served us well, but using Subversion is much, much nicer.

Many thanks to Xavier Le Vourch for doing the entire conversion! As soon as we tagged and released 4.0rc1 he ran cvs2svn, converted all the CVS tags into directories under tags/, and even remembered to set up the post-commit hook so that commit emails are still flowing to pmd-devel. Thanks Xavier!