Before and after JDeveloper extension screenshots

01 Feb 2006

A new version of the PMD JDeveloper plugin is out; it works with the recently released JDeveloper 10.1.3, includes an update to PMD 3.5, and looks much nicer, too. Here's the old look:

and the new look

Notice the much nicer tree view of the rule warnings vs the ugly "JList with text" thing. And it's less code, too - I just switched from using a JList to using the built in JDeveloper CompilerPage class. CompilerPage also handles the "jump to the proper line on mouse click" functionality, so I was able to get rid of the listener I had written for that, too. I still had to subclass CompilerPage to log a list of problems, i.e.:

public class RuleViolationPage extends CompilerPage {
    public RuleViolationPage() {
        super(Plugin.PMD_TITLE, Plugin.PMD_TITLE, null);
    public void add(List list) {

But maybe I'm just not understanding exactly how to use CompilerPage properly. Anyhow, seems to work fine, and it definitely looks much better.

Also, you can now get the PMD extension without adding a custom update center - just click Help->Check For Updates and select the "Open Source and Partners Extensions" update center and install from there.

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