Things to keep from RubyForge

30 Oct 2009

Executive summary: File uploads, mailing lists, and virtual hosts

Everyone knows that the RubyForge gem index is getting merged into the GemCutter gem index to form a single massive community gem index at That leaves open the question of what happens to the other RubyForge services. We've been saying that most of the RubyForge services - the ones others can do better - are going away as we move towards the community hub concept that Rich outlined.

So, which RubyForge stuff do we keep? Based on feedback and further discussion, here are the services which are making the cut:

  • mailing lists : these seem to be popular and alternatives seem to be not so good
  • file uploads : these can be done elsewhere, but it seems like keeping them with the projects is worthwhile
  • virtual hosts : these provide Ruby projects with a convenient place to have a home page
  • projects: since we need something off of which to hang the other features

These features will be part of the new community hub, albeit in a much-improved format. Stay tuned... and comments welcome!