Spam on RubyForge trackers

19 Apr 2007

A couple of folks have noticed lots of spam showing up on RubyForge trackers, document managers, forums, and so forth. I've put together a couple of scripts to delete the obvious ones, but this is kind of a whack-a-mole problem. Some things you can do that might help:

  • If you've got a dead project, file a support request to have it deleted. This will reduce unattended projects, and those are more likely to attract spam since, well, no one's watching.
  • Monitor your forums and trackers; notes on getting emails when someone posts to them are here. Also, delete forums and trackers that you're not using - the default RubyForge project has 3 forums and 4 trackers, and if you're not getting mileage out of some of those, delete 'em. This will make your project page load faster, keep the database small, and is just a good thing in general.
  • Twiddle your trackers and forums configuration (via the admin pages) to only allow postings from logged in users.
  • If someone does spam your trackers with a valid RubyForge account, please post a support request and I'll delete the items from the database and disable their account. I should have this all scripted up so it should only take a few seconds.

Together, we can stem the tide of spam! Well, maybe a little bit, anyway.