PMD 3.7 - cleaner and faster

31 May 2006

PMD 3.7 is out! This release features several new rules, including the introduction of a J2EE ruleset with an initial UseProperClassLoader rule thanks to Olaf Heimburger. JSP integration continues to improve; thanks to Allan Caplan you can now experiment with JSP rules in the rule designer GUI. The Ant task now has a 'showSuppressed' attribute so you can toggle suppressed warnings in your reports. And we've fixed a flurry of bugs, including several cleanups to UnusedPrivateMethod that will make that rule much more reliable.

Internally, we're using JavaCC/JJTree more effectively now. A swath of abstract syntax tree twiddling code that I had written has been replaced with JJTree's built in conditional node descriptors. Such is the synergy between projects! The copy/paste detector C++ support has also improved thanks to suggestions and patches from Jarkko Hietaniemin.

Thanks to Christopher Stach, David Karr, Noel Grandin, Matthew Harrah, Mike Kaufman for their bug reports, suggestions, and patches for this release. Thanks to Jeff Jensen for his work in getting the PMD ruleset XML schema up to speed.

You can download this release and read the complete changelog.

And if you're using PMD, now's a fine time to get the book, "PMD Applied"!