10K users on RubyForge

01 Nov 2006

I got up this morning, trotted downstairs and checked RubyForge, and what do you know - we went over the ten thousand user mark last night! 10011 total users as of this posting - and a binary number, too, sweet.

I'm sure lots of user accounts are inactive, and some folks just open an account just to file one bug, etc. But it's been neat to see the number of new users in the past year or so - we're up to about 25-30 new users every day! And there are tons of people who use RubyForge to download files and gems and whatnot without ever needing an account. So it all evens out.

Many thanks to all the folks listed on the credits page; we're all working to make RubyForge a big win for the Ruby community. Good times indeed!