Another new RubyForge mirror

06 Nov 2006

Thanks to Andreas Schwarz (of RForum fame) RubyForge now has another mirror! Yup, we've got four mirrors now, which is a good thing since RubyForge keeps getting busier all the time. Even with all the mirrors running, each mirror will serve up around 20 GB per day - more than half a terabyte apiece each month. And Austin Ziegler's dedicated Windows Installer mirror is serving around a terabyte a month by itself, so that's another sizeable chunk of bandwidth there.

All this mirroring helps keep the RubyForge bandwidth down to around 250 GB per month. I'm kind of looking forward to the next Rails release; we should be able to handle it pretty easily (he said, crossing his fingers).

As always, a continued thanks to the folks who make RubyForge possible!