RubyGem download stats are back!

10 Oct 2006

After a long hiatus, RubyGem stats are back up on RubyForge! Better yet, now they're stored inside the PostgreSQL database, so they can be sliced and diced much more efficiently.

So far we've got two reports up - first there's "Top RubyGem downloads this week" box on the front page. This should maybe be entitled "downloads in the last seven days", but, anyhoo. Rails wins, of course - 10K downloads a week for the Rails gem, whew! Most of the others are Rails-related, too - fcgi and whatnot. But Net-SSH is in the top 15 as well, good times. Gregory Brown and I have talked about doing another report called "RubyGem upstarts" or some such showing gems that are popular this week/month that weren't popular last month. We'll see.

Second, there's the aggregate RubyGem download stats report. 6.3M gem downloads to date and climbing at the rate of about 15K per day. Great scott. This page shows off my impressive CSS skills, but fortunately there are some other ideas in the works to make this nicer.