Twenty million records

22 Jan 2007

Back in October I blogged about RubyForge having 16 million records. Three months have passed, and now we're up to 20 million. So it looks like we're gaining a bit more than a million records each month, which works out to around 40 thousand records per day. Look for my "30 million records" post later this year :-)

The biggest table is still gem_downloads with 8.1 million records. This table usually gets around 19K new records each day, although on the Rails 1.2 release day it got 53K new records. Almost all of the other largish tables are statistics tables as well; the largest non-stats table is role_setting which has around 250K records. The forum table continues to grow as well and is up over 16K records.

As always, PostgreSQL continues to handle the load admirably. Good times.