Lots of RubyForge traffic

05 Mar 2008

Back in Sep 2005 I posted a note about RubyForge getting 200K hits per day. I'm not sure how I was calculating hits back then - was I including images and vhosts and gems and all that? Dunno.

Well, anyhow, I did some basic "grep -c" calculations and RubyForge got 350K hits on Mar 4 - about four hits per second. That's not counting all the vhosts, not counting RubyGem downloads, not counting images and other static content stuff. So those are pretty much all dynamic requests, where dynamic == something that hits the DB. Some of those are bots, of course, but, meh. Also, some of those hits result in redirects to other sites - e.g., when someone downloads a file the download is recorded in the database and then the request is redirected off to a mirror.

So once again let me seize this opportunity to thank the RubyForge mirror providers - without you guys serving up all the long requests RubyForge would be swamped. Thanks to Gregory Brown for monitoring the user's forum and answering questions. Thanks to Dennis Oelkers for keeping the mirroring infrastructure running. And thanks to Tim Bray (and Sun) for the lovely X4200 that RubyForge is currently running on. Good times!