A nice little RubyForge user interface tweak

13 Jun 2006

In the bad old days (i.e., before yesterday), when you clicked on the "forums" tab in a RubyForge project, you would be taken to a page where you could pick the forum you wanted to see. That was fine, but the "pick a forum" page would appear even if there was only one forum to choose. Thus you would have to then click on the forum name to get where you really wanted to go. How annoying!

Well, thanks to a nice little patch to the GForge HEAD by Federico Tarantini, if there's only one forum for a project you'll now be redirected right to that forum. And because I was in there fiddling with some other bugs that Simon Strandgaard had reported, I went ahead and applied it to RubyForge. So, enjoy!

Incidentally, if you've got a RubyForge project and you're not using all the trackers/forums that are created by default, please delete them via the admin pages. This will save a few bytes on the server and will make your project easier to navigate. Many thanks!