Subversion graphs on RubyForge

24 Jan 2007

For a long time now we've had CVS commit statistics charts and graphs on RubyForge thanks to StatCVS. Well, now we have the same for projects using Subversion thanks to StatSVN!

For example, here are the commits charts for the RubyGems project. You can see the commit messages, charts of committer activity by day and by directory, and lots more.

Some projects have the users "tom" and "tcarrico" listed among the committers. Those are project who were converted over from CVS and the CVSROOT/ directory had some old commits that Todd and I had done on the template CVSROOT directory from which all projects are created. So, er, ignore those.

While we're talking Subversion on RubyForge, remember this post that noted that Subversion had almost passed CVS on RubyForge? I just ran that query again:

gforge=> select p.plugin_name, count(gp.plugin_id) from groups g, group_plugin
gp, plugins p where gp.plugin_id = p.plugin_id and g.status = 'A' and
g.group_id = gp.group_id and p.plugin_name like 'scm%'  group by p.plugin_name;
 plugin_name | count 
 scmcvs      |  1096
 scmsvn      |  1645
(2 rows)

Looks like Subversion is the clear leader now. Good times.