PMD 3.5 released - 12 new rules + regex support!

25 Jan 2006

PMD 3.5 is out! This release has twelve fine new rules, including the String and StringBuffer rules that I've talked about here and here. It includes support for using regular expressions in XPath rules; thanks to the Jakarta-ORO folks for their fine product which made adding this feature straightforward. And of course there are a flurry of bug fixes, fewer false positives, and performance improvements,

A big thanks to all the folks who contributed in the last few months. Especially notable are the contributions of Fabio Insaccanebbia, who wrote UnusedNullCheckInEquals, MisplacedNullCheck, UselessOperationOnImmutable, AvoidArrayLoops, UseArraysAsList, AvoidConstantsInterface. And many thanks to Allan Caplan, who wrote ConsecutiveLiteralAppends, BooleanInversion, IntegerInstantiation, and UseStringBufferLength, and also fixed numerous bugs. Johan Stuyts, David Corley, Greg Broderick, Didier Duquennoy, Elliotte Rusty Harold, and Tom Judge also reported bugs and submitted patches. You can see a full listing of all the contributors to PMD on the credits page.

The full changelog is here and you can download the new release here. Share and Enjoy!

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