RubyForge has 16 million records

17 Oct 2006

My first blog entry way back in Sep 2005 was about RubyForge and the PostgreSQL database. At that time RubyForge had three million records in the database, which seemed like a bunch. Well, times have changed, and that database now holds sixteen million records! Of course, I know, that's small potatoes, EBay has that many records in their glove compartment, etc, but still.

Fortunately the top couple of tables are mostly just logs. For example, the gem_downloads table has a little over six million records and is getting 15-20K more records each day, but it's not indexed and is only queried from cronjobs. The activity_log table is the same sort of thing - it has a little under three million records, and receives about 500K inserts per day, but that's a rolling log and thus records older than a week just get deleted. Come to think of it, I should probably exclude those tables from autovacuum.

But anyhow, PostgreSQL is holding up fine under the load, and it looks like PostgreSQL 8.2 will bring in a lot of performance enhancements to boot. Good times!