Cleaning out the RubyForge mail queue

02 Dec 2005

I did a check on the RubyForge Sendmail queue and found that it was up to around 90 MB... yikes. It's not a disk size problem, really, since we've got about 200 GB free on RubyForge, but I hate to have things cluttered up. And with all this Sober Worm stuff, there were lots of bounces with attachments... bleah.

After Googling around a bit I came across Brandon Hutchinson's fine Sendmail queue scrubbing scripts. After installing the Sendmail source RPM and extracting the qtool utility, I was able to delete about 13 MB of posts bounced from,, and so forth. The nice thing about using Brandon's scripts + qtool is that they lock the files properly and they dispose of both the header and the body of the messages (e.g., both the df and the qf files).

Eventually I'll probably move RubyForge over to Postfix, if only because I'm more familiar with configuring Postfix spam filtering rules. But until then, Sendmail is happily handling the RubyForge load of about 8-10K messages per day... good times!