Keith Casey reviews "PMD Applied"

08 Dec 2005

Keith Casey (of CodeSnipers fame) has reviewed "PMD Applied". He's got some good observations:

  • PMD is not a substitute for unit testing - this is quite true. PMD will catch some things, but your unit tests will catch many other things that PMD has no shot at finding. Let PMD catch things like bad Collection.toArray() usage, and let your unit tests catch the other stuff.
  • Pick a few rules to start with rather than running all the rules - right on. I devote a section of chapter 6 to talking about this. Doing so will just be frustrating, because you'll be inundated with rule violations. Instead, just find a subset of rules that will catch egregious problems (like UnusedLocalVariable) and go from there.

In summary, he gives the book a 9/10. Thanks Keith!

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