1000 projects on RubyForge!

08 Nov 2005

RubyForge now hosts 1000 projects! It's come a long way since July 2003 when we started it up - we've gotten new hardware (thanks to InfoEther), we're serving 200K+ hits per day, hosting 220+ mailing lists, and getting busier all the time.

We've got some nifty stuff in the pipeline - Subversion support, automagic syncing with O'Reilly's CodeZoo, upgrading to GForge 4.5, better file mirroring, and lots more. So there's good times ahead.

Also, thanks to the folks hosting file and RubyGem mirrors who help make all this possible! Without those mirrors, RubyForge would be crawling under the bandwidth load.

Now, onwards to the next 1000 projects!