Nicer CPD report screenshots

14 Aug 2006

Max Tardiveau and Brian Remedios have contributed some code recently to make some CPD reports more useful. Brian has been submitting lots of excellent patches lately; one of them included some changes to the CPD Swing GUI. Now it shows a nice summary of the duplicated code results. I've uploaded a new jar file to the CPD page so you can see these changes in action via JNLP. Also, a thumbnail is below and you can click on it for a larger image:

Max contributed a nice XSLT stylesheet to transform the CPD XML output into some nifty Javascript'd HTML; here's some example output of the duplicated code that CPD found in the Apache source. It's very cool that you can show/hide the code snippets, nice work Max!

Props to these guys for the contributions, good stuff! And if you're using PMD or CPD, consider getting the book.