RubyForge now running Subversion 1.5

10 Nov 2008

A few months ago Jonathan Rochkind noticed that we were running Subversion 1.4 on RubyForge even though 1.5 has been out for a while. After my usual period of procrastination, I buckled down to it this evening and upgraded. Like all these things, it wasn't as painful as I thought it might be. Of course, if you notice anything awry, please let me know!

The Subversion documentation has some pages which might be useful for folks wondering what Subversion 1.5 brings; there's the 'Considerations when upgrading to Subversion 1.5' document which has some general notes on the changes, and the release notes give tons of details on all the changes.

The release notes link off to a post by Malcolm Rowe about the new sharded directory structure. I'm thinking of running the reshard script on all the RubyForge Subversion repositories just on general principle... has anyone had any bad experiences with running that?