Writing a book about JavaCC and JJTree

19 Apr 2006

I'm working on another book! This one's on Sun's excellent open source parser generator JavaCC. Parser generators are interesting beasts, and JavaCC (and JJTree, its tree builder) has lots of features that folks working with it may not know about. Hopefully the book can fill in some of the details that the documentation might skim over, and of course I'll include a ton of example grammars to illustrate various techniques.

The book's title is "Generating Parsers With JavaCC"; I've put up a web site up with a "let me know if you're interested" form. I'd also be happy to hear any suggestions that folks might have on anything they'd like to see in the book.

And of course, many thanks to Dr. Sriram Sankar and Dr. Sreenivasa Viswanadha for writing and maintaining this excellent tool!