PMD + Clover 2.0 Beta

15 Nov 2006

I got a note from David Corley saying that the Clover 2.0 beta page is showing a run of Clover on PMD as their demo run. Nice colors and whatnot; looks slick.

Test coverage-wise it looks like we do pretty well: 66% overall. The strings ruleset has 90% coverage and the entire rules package is at 75%, which is not too bad. We could always use more tests, of course, and we'll just keep adding them as bugs are reported.

It's been a busy last six weeks or so for PMD - a couple of new folks have come onboard to work on PMD, we've moved up to JDK 1.4 and dropped a few dependencies (ORO, Xalan), we've added eight new rules, and we've begun work on enabling full type resolution. Good times indeed.

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