RubyForge Subversion and CVS browsing

12 Apr 2007

After a long period of downtime, you can now browse your CVS and SVN repos on RubyForge again! For an example, look on the right side of the Gemtacular project's SCM page.

Thanks much to Matt Bauer of Mosquite Mole Multiworks for hosting the hardware that ViewVC is running on - and for twiddling the Apache/mod_svn configuration as well. Having this hosted on a machine other than RubyForge takes a big load off of the main server and lets everyone's project pages get served up that much faster. Thanks Matt!

Update: I've added a RedirectMatch so that any current links to RubyForge's ViewVC setup won't be broken:

RedirectMatch /viewvc(.*)$1

Thanks to Pjotr Prins for suggesting that!